Tuina Massage



Tuina has been playing a very important role as a TCM therapy which is at least as effective as acupuncture and herbal medicine in treating a range of serious health problems. Written as ‘推拿’ in Chinese, the basic techniques are shown as ‘推’ means ‘press’/ ’push’ and ‘拿’ means ‘grasp’. The major technique of Tuina is releasing tissues or unblocking stagnant Qi and blood by applying deep rhythmic kneading and frictions.



Clinical trials in China have shown that Tuina is effective for a wide range of problems of a musculo-skeletal and neurological origin, including tension headaches, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, lower back pain, sciatica, RSI and arthritis. It is also demonstrably effective for hypertension, asthma and many abdominal problems, especially where tension and stress are causative factors.